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Woah! I found my way to Ariella after my family had a turning point of healing, and there were no other options to try and “fix” things. I saw legitimate changes in a family member’s behavior, that worked with Ariella, as I wasn’t fully convinced at the first. I have done six sessions, and a spiritual healing session. I started this journey in hopes to work on my disordered eating/weight loss, anxiety that was triggering my IBS so severely that it altered my life so drastically I had to leave my nursing program. I hoped to figure out what my next steps in my career and life should be. Boy did Ariella deliver! At first my changes were subtle, I noticed my reactions to most of my anxiety triggers drastically decreased. Which immediately changed my IBS flare up intensity and severity. I have started to eat cleaner, eat at better times and have more self control. I have lost weight. And after trusting Ariella in diving deep on a spiritual journey, I finally understand why I have certain deep rooted pain and emotions. I’m finally able to say, I know how I can take back control of my life, I no longer feel like I owe myself to others. I have gone through talk therapy and other types of therapy on and off for about ten years. Hypnotherapy and the spiritual journey have changed my life in such a short time. I would highly recommend Ariella and the amazing work she does. She is truly dedicated to helping and healing those that wish to have it. She is honest and trustworthy, and it’s felt immediately, upon first impression. Do yourself a favor, and allow her to guide you into the best version of yourself, you will not be sorry!
I have suffered from sleeping issues for years. This affected not only my fatigue level, but my mood, my productivity and my personal relationships. My session with Ariella was a game changer! I am able to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night and wake refreshed and ready to tackle my day. I can't wait to go back for more hypnosis and see how she can help me in other areas of my life. Ariella is gifted, compassionate and a true professional. I'm so grateful that I found her!
Tara A. 
Ariella is the rarest of healers- she's dedicated her heart and soul to what she does and is profoundly wise, open and flexible yet strong, rock solid and peaceful, stunningly beautiful, and oh so fun. I was nervous at our first meeting because I didn't know what to expect. I'm going through a divorce, felt deeply depressed and anxious with thoughts of wanting to die and just knew I needed more than another round of psychotherapy (I work as a therapist and have been in therapy on and off for 7+ years). I'm so grateful that I found her. Because of her, I was able to see precisely what has been troubling me for my entire life- ME! It was major. If you're tired of living life sub-par, can't figure out why life is going wrong, need some spiritual guidance and wisdom, or just want to roll up your sleeves and truly look at yourself and your life in order to grow I would say don't pass up a chance to meet her and work with her. Being with her is richly rewarding!
I did a past life journey with Ariella; she's like an angel talking to you. I felt comfortable from the jump as I felt like I know her. Found out later she's been a close friend from Five past Lives. I'm So Thrilled To understand Emotions I Felt with People and Understand them at A new level. Highly recommend, very happy with the feeling I'm sitting with right now and healing time ill be sharing with the people in this lifetime. Thank you Ariella!
это был мой первый опыт с Ариелой ,и мне очень помогло избавиться от тех страхов которые у меня были . Это было то ,чего мне надо было ,и не каплю не пожелала что я это сделала . И сама Ариелла появилась в моей жизни не просто так , а чтобы открыть для меня новые знания и новое мировоззрение . Спасибо тебе огромное за все !!! Ты прекрасный человек и помогаешь многим людям !!!!
Absolutely recommend Ariella to anyone looking to not only heal past live traumas, but also removing the spiritual blockages that plague most of us unconsciously. The journey she guided me on to meeting my higher self brought tears running down my cheeks from the beauty and the peace. I was fortunate enough to had won my sessions with Ariella through here raffle, and thank the stars that I did. Thank you a millions times for this!
Stephanie W.
This was my first hypnosis experience. I was extremely nervous and didn't know what to expect, but Ariella was so thorough in explaining about the process before the session began. I can feel her professionalism in this filed. She is very kind and patient with me in the entire session. Long story short, there is a blockage that made me unable to see my past life ( I was able to see something for a very short moment, and then it was disappeared) , but Ariella tried her best to explain me about the problem within me that I have to resolve before I can be able to see my past life entirely. She also gave me a self-hypnosis method to do at home. Overall, it was a very informative session. I also want to thank Ariella for providing me time today during her busy schedule. She really puts her clients on the top priority.