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Offering both group and one-on-one plant medicine ceremonies, we provide online and in-person hypnosis therapy to foster emotional, spiritual, and mental growth.


Ariella Karim 

My vision 

My vision is to guide my clients, to help them overcome any limiting, stagnating beliefs, and enable them to access the best parts of their subconscious minds. By creating a new positive, empowering belief we can create a New Reality. 

A Reality of self-love, confidence, self-worth, and appreciation.

Furthermore, You can live, and thrive in Your best lives!

In fact, you DESERVE to have the best life!


We provide individual sessions. I believe that individual sessions are most beneficial since we go with the client's pace. Individual sessions can help one deal with many personal topics such as anxiety, depression, anger, relationship challenges, career changes. 

What we discuss during an individual session, we often cannot go into full detail throughout the group sessions. 


Group hypnosis can be fun and beneficial as well. Usually, the group will be anywhere from 5-10 people. Group sessions are booked far in advance and give us plenty of time to prepare. 

Our usual group sessions are for: Spiritual AWAKENING/ soul/mind/spirit searching and 

Past life Journeys. 


Our Office is clean and cozy 

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