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Sacred Snuff

Rape´-pronounced hapeh – is a psychotropic shamanic snuff made from finely ground tobacco and a variety of other herbs. Some snuffs are tobacco-free, making them less likely to act as a purgative.The purpose of a rape´ ceremony is grounding and centering of the self and healing, and as such it is vital that your intentions are clearly set before beginning the ceremony. The act of taking Rape´ is considered sacred and a form of prayer by the indigenous Amazonian tribes who first introduced it to the rest of the world.


Benefits of Using Rapeh

Using rapé powder can have a number of benefits, for instance, it can:

  •   Help with mental illness and even aid in addiction treatment.

  •   Provide a sense of calm that when used on a regular basis can lead to an overall change in mood. It, therefore, helps relieve depression.

  •   Restore the sinuses and respiratory system by removing blockages from the breathing pathway.

  •   Clears your chakras (energy points) by detoxing you both physically and spiritually.

  •   Remove bad vibes to help you find your true intention.
    Gives an overall sense of clarity to think and focus better.

Balancing out Feminine and Masculine Energies

• Letting of emotions like; resentment, anger, fear, anxiety, doubts and etc

Helping to release sexual traumas


What to Expect from Your Rapé Experience

What to Expect from Your Rapé Experience

  •   Your nose will start running, and your sinuses will want to clear themselves out.

  •   You may want to projectile vomit. This is perfectly OK. Rapé is purifying and you are getting well. Vomiting occurs almost always when rape is combined with alcohol or when rape is taken soon after a meal. Also when the body is heavily clogged with "bad energy" (whatever you imagine - toxins, unprocessed emotions, diseases with as yet unmanifested or already manifested symptoms), which is in disharmony with the spirit of rapé.

  •   You may want to go to the toilet. Bowel movements are good for you.

  •   Sweating , crying, laughing is also normal. Your body can release energy in many different ways

  •   After the cleansing of rapé is complete, you will feel rejuvenated. The long-term impact can vary from person to person and depends on how often you perform the procedure.

  •   Many people feel more aligned and in tune with their inner voice yet gain an appreciation for the life surrounding them.

  •   Not everyone will purge, this sacred medicine still works and aligns your energy

  • Preparation for Rapé ceremony

  •   Before the ceremony, no food for 3-4 hours.

  •   Wear comfortable clothing

  •   Mentally be prepared to release all the unwanted energy

  •   And MOST Importantly, TRUST the PROCESS

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