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Ariella Karim

Hello, my name is Ariella Karim. I can help YOU achieve your goals, get rid of bad habits, and can even help you discover yourself in profoundly spiritual and profound ways if that's what you desire.

     I'm a Clinical Hypnotist, certified at the National Guild Of Hypnotists (NGH). You may be delighted to know that I've been using hypnosis to help people for many years now. I genuinely love to make positive changes in a person's life. If you're reading this currently, I'd like to help you. In my years of experience helping people, I've got people to overcome phobias, get over limiting beliefs, help set unique life goals, overcome bad breakups, sleeping issues, self-esteem, men/women's sexual issues, weight loss, And so much more.

     I can help you to explore your inner spiritual side too. We're never too old to stop growing and learning, and now I'm offering past life journeys. Past life is a beautiful and unforgettable experience, spiritual wandering that will help you reconnect with your previous past life experiences, explore your past life soul mates. Explore unresolved emotions, which have carried through into this lifetime, creating fears or beliefs you have been unable to explain. Embrace the critical lessons learned in those lives. Hypnosis is an excellent tool for speaking to your subconscious mind by bypassing your conscious mind. My goal is to get to your subconscious mind by avoiding your conscious/ analytical mind.



In hypnosis, your subconscious mind becomes very receptive to positive suggestions. Especially when those suggestions are tied to a GOAL you already know you want to ACHIEVE. 

Hypnosis has lots of focus on healing our inner child. My goal is to get to the ROOT cause of your behavior by using regression therapy and many other techniques. 

More about Empowered Mind

Ariella Karim has been providing personalized hypnosis sessions designed to help you lead a balanced, harmonious life. Combining her extensive knowledge and experience, she is exceptionally qualified to enable her clients to make positive changes. As a passionate Hypnotherapist, she enjoys working one-on-one with people in-person and in online practice and takes pride in the difference she has made in so many lives. Get in touch to set up an appointment with Ariella Karim.

Specialised Treatment 

Calm your Inner Anxiety

Do you feel like you are an overthinker? Do you feel like you need to overanalyze things? If yes, you are in the right place. Learn how to organize your thoughts, declutter the mess and let go of the limited self-belief. Feel relaxed, focused, and refreshed. 

Learn to understand your thought process better, and let go of any unwanted thoughts and ideas. 

Remove your fears

Do you have a fear or a phobia of something, and it holds you back in life? Let go of any overwhelming fears by desensitizing yourself to them during hypnosis sessions and removing them from your life once and for all. Living with dread is no living at all. Take charge now. 

Build your Confidence 

Build your inner confidence and reframe past negative limiting beliefs! 

The power of suggestion is influential. 

Our mission is to guide you towards an empowered and confident future. 

 You are ENOUGH and WORTHY. 

Stop Smoking for Good 

Are you a smoker that needs a cigarette first thing in the morning?

Do you feel like your schedule is running around smoking?  

Are you tired of spending your hard-earned money and your health?

You might be a heavy smoker or a casual smoker there is the right program for you.  Our sessions will help you to Quit smoking once and for all. 

Past lives/ Spiritual Awakening journeys 

Did you ever meet a person and "clicked" with that person instantly? Does it feel like some things you " know" without understanding how?

Do you get vivid dreams and deja vu? 

Do you believe in a Soul and reincarnation? 

There are many complicated questions. Our spiritual journey sessions are very intense and are about 7 hours long. 

You will uncover the truth to your soul's existence clear your karma and aura. 

These sessions are prepared individually and create a momentous experience. 

Let GO of excess weight 

Do you feel like you are on a Weight Roller Coaster? Are you ready to live a healthier lifestyle? Would you like to understand the connection between your body and your mind? If your answer is yes, to any of these, then you are ready to change your life and finally take charge in your own hands. 

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