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Blissful thoughts

Jerry S. 

Nyasia L.

She's a great person who understands

Steve I.

Very responsive and in a timely manner.Very throught with any 

questions or concerns I had.

Highly recommend

Rashida T. 

I had my first session with Ariella and it was great!She is extremely calming and empathetic and helped me through the entire process. I look forward to our next sessions and have already started noticing differences based off of my trigger sounds/color!

Ella B.

I had a very positive experience.Ariel is professional, but also very approachable and friendly. She made me feel comfortable and excited about the whole process. As of now, no desire to smoke, I feel light and calm. Might do a past life journey too. Thank you Ariel!

Fabiola Z. 

I want to share my experience with Arielle today. I think we don't always know what to expect when it comes opening up to a professional hypnotist. I can assure you that Arielle makes you feel at ease with the whole process. She explained how it would all work thoroughly.She is patient, caring and soulful. She is confident in what she does and brings that out as she takes process. I have done my first session and really truly helped me emotionally prepare for my past life journey. I highly recommend Arielle and without doubt say she is in tune spiritually with her work and clients. Thank you, Arielle. 

Robert A.

Aria is very responsible and a pleasure to talk to. After one session, I already noticed some changes. She made me believe that I have the strength to make changes in my life. She helped me to rid myself of anxieties that I've carried since childhood. I would hight recommend her to anyone seeking to make positive changes in their life!

Jerry S.

She was great...only 1 session and I felt great after...idk what I was doing when she was working with me, but I felt at more of ease

Amber A.

I had an amazing first experience. I am looking forward to future sessions. I would recommend her to anyone on need of self help and improvement. 

Kiah S.

Recently had my first zoom session with Ariella and it was a powerful experience. I am looking forward to continuing to work with her. She is kind, professional, and funny, which put me at ease. If you are curious about hypnosis and are hesitant like I was, I'd recommend Ariella!

Having been previously hypnotized-I thought I knew what to expect...However, Ariella brought me to a much more deeper level of not only " seeing" my problem, but,more importantly taking the necessary steps to leave it behind once and for all. I am really looking forward to our next session(s)-as her methods have already made a difference in not only how I feel, but how I will take care of my issue..Thanks Ariella!-Dan

Carlos B. 

Grace to her I am discovering myself and after only 2 sessions I am already feeling better and a new man and finally understanding the internal challenges that had limited my life happiness. Thank you Ariella, you are the best

Mary S.

So far have had a great experience with Ariella although I completely new to it. Ariella has a very calming and understanding nature that quickly makes you feel comfortable and relaxed as she guides you through a personalized hypnosis session. Would highly recommend her service. 

Kemi O. 

I highly recommend Ariel!I've only had a couple sessions and I already can tell a difference in the way I respond to situations. She's great!

Lauren S.

I had my first session with Ariella today. I definitely felt a lot more relaxed after and can already feel some positive changes. Looking forwards to continue working with her.

Natalia L. 

I had my first hypnosis session with Ariella and I really loved the way it made me feel, I am at a point in my life that I really needed help, I needed some light and that exactly what she did for me. I know healing is a process but I can already feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Daniel M.

David D.


She was very friendly and professional with this being my first time I really appreciated this definitely glad I worked with her

Victoria D.


Extremely professional, focused on your well being and empowerment. I was skeptical of hypnosis but was willing to give it a try for my anxiety issues. 

Rachel S.

Had a great experience with Ariella. She is an amazing healer and woman who is so knowledgeable in this field. So glad I got to meet with her - she helped make me feel comfortable and safe in my own skin!! 10/10 recommend her to anyone seeking any of her expertise!

Ted S.

Excellent past life regression session. Several past lives were reviewed that had meaning and/or are affecting my current life. Aria has a wonderful speaking voice and manner which facilitates an easy access to hypnosis. I highly recommend Aria to help you get to the bottom of issues that may have roots in other lifetimes.

Dominique B.


Wonderful experience. She was very professional, punctual, and patient. I was not just nervous, but skeptical as most of us probably are going into this. To my surprise it actually worked and I came out very mellow and relaxed. I'm a disabled veteran, have seen many different counselors, and have tried various approaches for my struggles. I definitely plan on including this as a regular regimine as a supplement to my therapy. Who knows if I'll even need it once I continue with my sessions.

Joel L.


Very comfortable and safe setting. Great work.

John M.

Skeptical however this was a game changer. Highly recommend

Natalia L.

I had my first hypnotherapy with Ariella and I really loved the way it made me feel, I am at a point in my life that I really needed help, I needed some light and thats exactly what she did for me. I know healing is a process but I can already feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Patricia S.

New to this kind of therapy, I didn’t think that I would be one to be able to be hypnotized. I was also very worried that because of how bad a state I was in, Ariella wouldn’t be able to do much. I did in fact get hypnotized and am now doing a past life regression with Ariella. She not only made me relax deeply in ways I wouldn’t be able to otherwise, she advocated for my independence in helping myself by giving me resources to hypnotize myself. Her understanding of the spiritual self is empowering and inspirational. She is well worth the appointment. You will get much more out of it than you ever thought was possible. It will feel like magic, but really it’s a proven therapist doing what she does best.

Jhody P.

I have never been hypothesized before and didn’t know if it would work, but I felt comfortable with Ariella from the beginning. I had an amazing experience through her guidance, traveling to my past life and actually experiencing my life on my death bed and the moment I died. It was emotional, affirming and life changing. I can still feel my past self and see her clearer everyday. Since the session it is like the world is opening up to me and I am walking in destiny but with clear clarity. I will definitely be seeing her again! She is so down to earth and straight to the point!

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